Today I released version 1.0.1 of AppEngineBlog ("AEB").

Here is the release notes summary:


  • runs on app engine
  • uses python and django
  • fully functional password protected admin to add/edit/delete blog posts
  • fully functional public blog viewer to view blog posts
  • tag cloud support
  • WYSIWYG editor for posts
  • home page truncated article previews with read more link
  • search engine friendly url's
  • working to keep the code barebones and add features via integration with social media & other javascript api's for promotion/analytics/profit:
    • feedburner rss
    • feedburner email
    • twitter follow
    • facebook fan follow
    • disqus comments
    • google analytics
    • google adsense
    • google custom search
    • wibiya toolbar
    • tweetmeme retweet this
    • facebook share this.

In addition, I have packaged a source code distribution in a .zip file, and uploaded to the application's google project hosting page.  I have also checked in the Version 1.1.0 code to the application's google project hosting page.  I enabled anyone to code review it.

I also added it to the google app engine project gallery.

Please use it liberally and submit all issues you find with it at the application's google project issue tracker.

Thanks, and enjoy!  :-)


p.s.  Time permitting, I will be releasing installation instructions as well as adding many new features, listed in a previous blog post.  It should be fairly trivial to install.  Just edit the '' file, then upload to app engine like you would any other python app.  You'll have to visit a number of the social media / api sites to get account id's first if you don't already have them.